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ACC Mortgage provides financing for a range of commercial projects. We work with business owners and non-profit groups to build businesses and strengthen communities. Our products, experience and in-house team deliver quick, personalized service. [ Learn more ]

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For over 10 years ACC Mortgage has been lending to individual and commercial borrowers. We deliver financial solutions that build businesses and communities, and put borrowers in a better financial position quickly. [ Learn more ]



For over 10 years we've been helping consumers obtain financing for the purchase of a home or debt consolidation through our innovative and flexible loan products. We help people achieve their goals and create communities. [Learn more]

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Since 1999 we have been closing the loans that others can’t. Portfolio loans are underwritten and funded by us. Our friendly, full service staff delivers quick, clear communication and lending decisions. [Learn more]

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Row Houses

Politicians, economists and lay people understand that housing is a driving force in the economy.

After Bill Clinton signed the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) the housing industry really picked up steam because banks were forced to expand their lending beyond traditional guidelines in order to meet new demand. This was a noble goal to increase home-ownership in markets and segments of the population that had been passed over in the past.

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An inherited property needed extensive repair and a sibling needed to be bought out by an ACC Mortgage customer with outstanding judgments and student loans. The ACC loan allowed this customer to make repairs that significantly increased the value of the inherited property, paid off his outstanding debts, and increased his credit scores by 80 points in 4 months.

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